Movement Intensive in Pacifica day 5
Student-led class: Jane, Charity, Jane, Elyze, John
Slide-show of Jetta's class, interview of Jetta, by Kate
Movement in chairs led by Jetta
Closing circle - what do you take with you.

Rosen Method Movement Intensive in Pacifica day 4
- Discussion about sections of the class, introduction to intern teaching
- Movement class led by intern (Lourdes)
- Bodyreadings by Kate

Lourdes' Music:
1. Warm up:
Azul, Natalia Lafourcade. HOmenaje a Agustin Lara
Mujer Divina, Natalia Lafourcade, Homenaje a Agustín Lara
Jái deux amours, Cahntal Chamberlan, Soirée.

2. Stretch:
Papillion, Secret Garden, Songs from a Secret garden
The Promise. Secret Garden, Red Moon
Hymn Secret Garden. White stones

3. Circle:
The Mummers Dance, Lorena McKennitt, The book of secrets

4. Across the floor:
Guantanamera, Enrique Chia, La Cuba Eterna
El Manisero, Enrique Chia, la Cuba Eterna.

5. Floor:
Tally´s Lullaby, Karen Marie Garrett, Its abour the Rose
Daydreams, Karen Marie Garret. Its about the rose.
Lake Ewok Muse, Karen Marie Garret, Its aboue the rose

Rosen Method Movement Intensive in Pacifica day 3
- Rib cartilage and psoas anatomy (Kate)
- Movement class (Kate)
- Student teaching (Paula, Jane, Catherine, Elyze)
- Closing circle: what has been awakened

Kate’s class music:
1. Warm up:
Jamaica Farewell, Carly Simon, “Into the White”,
Better together, Jack Johnson, “In Between Dreams”,
The Rainbow Connection,
Karen Carpenter, “As Time Goes By”
2. Stretch:
Hallelujah, Brian Crain, “Piano and Light”
3. Circle:
Your Heart Is As Black As The Night, Melody Gardot, “My one and Only Thrill”,
The One Who Loves You the Most, Brett Dennen,”So Much More”
Dancing Queen, ABBA, ABBA Gold
4. Across the Floor:
The Lover’s Waltz Duet, Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, “The Lover’s Waltz,
5. On the Floor:
Track 3,4,5,6,7,8 James Brickman, “By Heart Piano Solos"

Rosen Method Movement Intensive in Pacifica day 2
- Name and where are you from reminder circle
- Deep Spine Anatomy (Karen)
- Movement Class (Karen)
- Playing with music and overview of sections of the class
- The Art of Breathing by Jessica Wolf DVD without and with narration, then discussion

Karen’s class music:
1. Warm Up
Looking in the Eyes of Love, Alisson Krause & Union Station (So Long, So Wrong)
All About that Bass - Postmodern Jukebox (Historical Misappropriation)
2. Stretch (partnerwork - ribs)
Litanei Schubert, 24 Lieder
3. Circle
Santana - Corazon Espinado (Supernatural)
4. Across the Floor
1234 Feist (The Reminder)
The Spark - Pokey La Farge
5. On the Floor
Blue in Green - Miles Davis
A Child’s Song - Will Ackerman (Summer Solstice II)
Puesta del Sol - Sean Harkness (Summer Solstice II)

Karen’s music for Catherine:
Santa Lucia - Il Sorenti
Sara McLachlan - Rainbow Connection
Christopher Hedge - The Atrocious Saint (Andrew Jackson, The Atrocious Saint)

Rosen Method Movement Intensive in Pacifica Day 1
- Opening circle: what drew you and what do you want
- Movement class (Theresa)
- Hands on shoulders (Kate)
- Arm assembly anatomy (Karen)
- Shoulder blade partner work (Kate)
- Upper body round-robin
- Check-in circle

Theresa’s class music:
1. Warm Up
Lola en confiture, Le poids des confettis, Les soeurs Boulay
Colors, Amos Lee and Norah Jones
Todo Lo que Puedo Es Darte Amor, Bien Bonito, Calacas Jazz Band
The Nearness of You, Best of Ella & Louis
2. Stretch
Spiegel im Spiegel: 1, Part. Alina - Spiegel im Spiegel, Sergej Bezrodny & Vladimir Spivakov
3. Circle
Malted Milk, Unplugged, Eric Clapton
Potato Chips, Jazz for Kids: Sing, Clap, Wiggle & Shake, Slim Gaillard & His Baker's Dozen
Diving Duck Blues, TajMo, Taj Mahal & Keb Mo
4. Across the Floor
Fresh Eyes, The Good Parts, Andy Grammar
5. On the Floor
'Imi Au la 'Oe, The Descendants - Music from the Movie, Keola Beamer
Hi'ilawe, ", Sonny Chillingworth
Paku Ua, ", Ozzie Kotani & Daniel Ho
Hapuna Sunset, ", Charles Michael Brotman

Rosen Method Movement Intensive Mexico City Day 5
Round Robins and Student Practice Teaching (Sophie & Yoya)
Anatomy of shoulder girdle, neck and head
Anatomy touch session with partners
Closing circle

Round Robin Music
1. Warm up:
St. Louis Gal. Cecile McLorin Salvant. Women Child.
You´ve goy a friend in me. Steve Tyrell.The Disney Standards
Summertime. Ray Barretto. El Cayuco
2. Stretching Las Arpas sanadoras, pista 20 y 08
3. Circle:
Hush Little baby. Yo-Yo Ma & Bobby Mc.Ferrin. Hush
Les Champs Elysees. Chantal Chamberland. Chantal No. 5

Rosen Method Movement Intensive Mexico City Day 4
Movement class
Sharing Circle
Practice Teaching (Mar, Mon, Irma)
Anatomy touch, hip and arm connections to torso

1 Warm Up
Better Together, Jack Johnson
Pony, Kasey Chambers
2 Stretch
Tikho Nad Richkoyu, Kitka
I’m Ready, Tracy Chapman
3 Circle
Hang on little tomato, Pink Martini
Sympathique, “
Sinking In, Norah Jones
Love train, Keb’ Mo
4 Across the Floor
Life as we knew it, Kathy Mattea
How much is that doggie in the window, Patti Page
5 On the Floor
Honolulu City Lights, Kohala
Moloka’i Sweet Home, “
Highway in the Sun, “
Sunflower, “
Life’s different now, “

Rosen Method Movement Intensive Mexico City Day 3
Rib and Spine anatomy
Movement class
Intro to 5 sections
Talk about and Play with music
Anatomy Table touching partner work
Closing circle

Theresa’s Music
1 Warm Up
Les Abeilles, Rupa and the April Fishes
Take em away, Old Crow Medicine Show
2 Stretch (rib partner work)
Themes from Cinema Paradiso, Erquiaga, Steve
Pavane for a Dead Princess, “
Simple Gifts, Yo-Yo Ma and Alisson Krauss
Come gentle night, Ensemble Gallilei
3 Circle
Diving Duck Blues, Taj Mahal and Keb’ Mo
4 Across the Floor
So Nice, Professor Cunningham and His Old School
Love Shack, B-52’s

Rosen Method Movement Intensive Mexico City Day 2
Lourdes class
Hip Joint anatomy
Touching with awareness exercise
Movement partner work
Intro to practice teaching

Lourdes’ Music:
1. Warm up:
Chan chan. Compay Segundo. Cuba Golden
Azul, Natalia Lafourcade. Mujer Dicina Album. Homenaje a Agustín Lara
Mujer Divina. Natalia Lafourcade. Mujer Divina Album. Homenaje a Agustin Lara
2. Stretching:
Prelude for piano and strings, Balanescu Quartet and Ensamble, Goldstein Cyclorama.
Les Peuchers de perles, Je crois entende encore, Pierre Dervaux Orchestra.
3. CIrcle.
Namib Marimbas: OND jupa yo maere.
Namib Marimbas: Kgomo Kwanayana
4. Across the floor.
Lagrimas Negras: Septeto Nacional. Cuba.The greatest songs ever
El Manisero. SEpteto Nacional,Cuba, The greatest songs ever.
5. Floor.
Tally´s Lullaby. Karen Marie Garret. It´s about the rose.
Daydream. Karen Marie Garret. It´s a bout the rose.

Theresa’s Partner Work Music:
Norah Jones
Painter Song
One Flight Down
Nearness of you

Rosen Method Movement Intensive Mexico City Day 1
Introduction circle
Movement Class (T)
Hip Joint anatomy
Experimenting with anatomy and walking
Floor relaxation (L)

1 Warm Up
Lola en confiture, Les soeurs Boulay
Everything’s been done before, Catherine Russell
Dream a Little Dream of Me, Ella & Louis
This is Heaven to me, Madeline Peyroux

2 Stretch
Spiegel Im Spiegel: 2 and 3

3 Circle
I don’t want to set the world on fire, Amy Arnell w Tommy Tucker Time
Toto Lo que Puerto Es Darte Amor, Caracas Jazz Band

4 Across
Wagon Wheel, Darius Rucker

5 Floor
Kalena Kai, Keola Beamer & George Winston, The Descendants
Imi Au la Oe
Paku Ua, Ozzie Kotani & Daniel Ho


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