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Rosen Method Movement Intensive in Pacifica day 2
- Name and where are you from reminder circle
- Deep Spine Anatomy (Karen)
- Movement Class (Karen)
- Playing with music and overview of sections of the class
- The Art of Breathing by Jessica Wolf DVD without and with narration, then discussion

Karen’s class music:
1. Warm Up
Looking in the Eyes of Love, Alisson Krause & Union Station (So Long, So Wrong)
All About that Bass - Postmodern Jukebox (Historical Misappropriation)
2. Stretch (partnerwork - ribs)
Litanei Schubert, 24 Lieder
3. Circle
Santana - Corazon Espinado (Supernatural)
4. Across the Floor
1234 Feist (The Reminder)
The Spark - Pokey La Farge
5. On the Floor
Blue in Green - Miles Davis
A Child’s Song - Will Ackerman (Summer Solstice II)
Puesta del Sol - Sean Harkness (Summer Solstice II)

Karen’s music for Catherine:
Santa Lucia - Il Sorenti
Sara McLachlan - Rainbow Connection
Christopher Hedge - The Atrocious Saint (Andrew Jackson, The Atrocious Saint)