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Intensive Afterthoughts
  • One of the things I connected with during the intensive during a chair class was the value of remembering that we have a pubic bone.  In looking at a skeleton, the pubic bone is the where the front ends of the sitz bones come together.  You can't actually sit on your pubic bone, but sitting on your sitz bones with the pubic bone in mind is a much more balanced and stable experience.  Try it out ... pretty cool.
  • Also, I experienced the cleopatra in a fuller way this time.  It's a tricky/fun/interesting proposition to allow the ribs to have their fullness and movement so that they are not dragged around by the arms and yet not compressed or static.  Give that one a try ... blows my mind:)
  • Hoola hooping is not really teachable in a way ... ya just gotta do it and let your body feel its way toward being in relationship with the hoop.  Again, pretty cool.