Rosen Method Movement Intensive in Pacifica day 4
- Discussion about sections of the class, introduction to intern teaching
- Movement class led by intern (Lourdes)
- Bodyreadings by Kate

Lourdes' Music:
1. Warm up:
Azul, Natalia Lafourcade. HOmenaje a Agustin Lara
Mujer Divina, Natalia Lafourcade, Homenaje a Agustín Lara
Jái deux amours, Cahntal Chamberlan, Soirée.

2. Stretch:
Papillion, Secret Garden, Songs from a Secret garden
The Promise. Secret Garden, Red Moon
Hymn Secret Garden. White stones

3. Circle:
The Mummers Dance, Lorena McKennitt, The book of secrets

4. Across the floor:
Guantanamera, Enrique Chia, La Cuba Eterna
El Manisero, Enrique Chia, la Cuba Eterna.

5. Floor:
Tally´s Lullaby, Karen Marie Garrett, Its abour the Rose
Daydreams, Karen Marie Garret. Its about the rose.
Lake Ewok Muse, Karen Marie Garret, Its aboue the rose


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