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Rosen Method Movement Intensive Mexico City Day 2
Lourdes class
Hip Joint anatomy
Touching with awareness exercise
Movement partner work
Intro to practice teaching

Lourdes’ Music:
1. Warm up:
Chan chan. Compay Segundo. Cuba Golden
Azul, Natalia Lafourcade. Mujer Dicina Album. Homenaje a Agustín Lara
Mujer Divina. Natalia Lafourcade. Mujer Divina Album. Homenaje a Agustin Lara
2. Stretching:
Prelude for piano and strings, Balanescu Quartet and Ensamble, Goldstein Cyclorama.
Les Peuchers de perles, Je crois entende encore, Pierre Dervaux Orchestra.
3. CIrcle.
Namib Marimbas: OND jupa yo maere.
Namib Marimbas: Kgomo Kwanayana
4. Across the floor.
Lagrimas Negras: Septeto Nacional. Cuba.The greatest songs ever
El Manisero. SEpteto Nacional,Cuba, The greatest songs ever.
5. Floor.
Tally´s Lullaby. Karen Marie Garret. It´s about the rose.
Daydream. Karen Marie Garret. It´s a bout the rose.

Theresa’s Partner Work Music:
Norah Jones
Painter Song
One Flight Down
Nearness of you

Rosen Method Movement Intensive Mexico City Day 1
Introduction circle
Movement Class (T)
Hip Joint anatomy
Experimenting with anatomy and walking
Floor relaxation (L)

1 Warm Up
Lola en confiture, Les soeurs Boulay
Everything’s been done before, Catherine Russell
Dream a Little Dream of Me, Ella & Louis
This is Heaven to me, Madeline Peyroux

2 Stretch
Spiegel Im Spiegel: 2 and 3

3 Circle
I don’t want to set the world on fire, Amy Arnell w Tommy Tucker Time
Toto Lo que Puerto Es Darte Amor, Caracas Jazz Band

4 Across
Wagon Wheel, Darius Rucker

5 Floor
Kalena Kai, Keola Beamer & George Winston, The Descendants
Imi Au la Oe
Paku Ua, Ozzie Kotani & Daniel Ho

Rosen Method Movement Intensive Mexico City Day 5
Student Teaching (Adriana, Vicky, Sophie)
Anatomy (abdominals, deep hip rotators, scalenes, jaw)
Movement class (T)
Ending Circle - what do you take with you? (Did you get what you said your intention was on the first day)

Theresa's music:
1. Warm Up in chairs
The Way I am; Ingrid Michaelson
Sweet Memory; Melody Gardot
My Same; Adele
1. Warm Up w/scarves
Delibes; Lakme-Viens, Mallika
Offenbach; Les Contes d'Hoffman - Barcolle
2. Stretch w/scarves
Songbird; Eva Cassidy
Over the Rainbow; Eva Cassidy
3. Circle
Twistin' and Groovin'; Leon Bridges
Your Body is a Wonderland; John Mayer
4. Across the Floor
Shape of You; Ed Sheerhan
5. On the Floor (bicycling)
Smile; Madeline Peyroux

Rosen Method Movement Intensive Mexico City Day 4
Movement class (L)
Questions and Discussion
Student Teaching (Belen, Esther, Irma, Victoria)
Playing with music

Lourdes’ music
1 Warm up:
Pâná Când Nu Te lubeam. PInk Martini. Get Happy.
Samba de mon coeur qui bat. Coralie Clement. Paris.
2 Stretch:
Goldberg Variations. Murrai Peralta. Aria.
I¨ll always go back to that church. Gabriel Yared. The English Patient
3 Circle.
A wink and a smile (from sleepless in Seattle).
Marc Shaiman. The bucket list.
Glad rag doll. Crazy Otto. Vintage belle epoque No. 22.
4 Across the floor:
Miradouro de Santa Catarina. Madredeus. Ainda.
Santa Lucia. I mandolin di Taormina. Souvenir de Italia.
5 Floor:
Thanksgiving. Geroge Winston. December.
Early morning range. George Winston. Summer.
Black Stallion. george Winston. Summer.
Where are you now? george Winston. Remembrance.

Rosen Method Movement Intensive Mexico City Day 3
Movement class (T)
Sharing circle (introducing purpose & parameters first)
Anatomy of diaphragm, psoas, transverse thoracics, omohyoid
Lying on floor imagining and moving same muscles as in anatomy lesson
Student teaching (Ketta, Ali, Monica)

Theresa's Music:
1 Warm Up
This is Heaven to Me, Madeline Peyroux
Worrisome Heart, Melodie Gardot
Don't Know Why, Norah Jones
So Nice (feat. Tamar Korn), Professor Cunningham and his Orch; The Rhythm Method
2 Stretch
Nocturne op. 9/2 in E flat minor
Melodie, Itzak Perlman, F. Kreisler
3 Circle
Les Abeilles, Rupa and the April Fishes
Maintenant, "
4 Across the Floor
Lovers' Waltz Duet, Jay Ungar
C'est Une Peche De Dire Un Mentire, Diving Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood
5 On the Floor
Pupu Hinuhinu, Keola Beamer
Ke'ena Maui, "
Honolulu City Lights, Kohala
Moloka'i Sweet Home, "
Highway in the Sun, "

Rosen Method Movement Intensive Mexico City Day 2
Lourdes' class
History and overview of RM
Shoulder girdle anatomy with partners
Partner movement
Sections of the class
Warm up round robins

Lourdes’ Music
1 Warm up:
Love is here to stay. Ella Fistzgerald and Luis Armstrong
Vocé. Eliane Elia, Made in Brazil.
2 Stretch:
Gymnopedias, 1, 3. Satie. Alex De Grassi. The Impressionists.
Mussetta´s Waltz. Musci of Italy. Agelo De Pippa
3 Circle:
Te reo o papatuanuku. Kataraina Pipi. Jazz around the world
La mer. Chantal Chamberlan. Jazz around the world.
4 Across the floor:
Falling and flying.Jeff Bridges. Crazy Heart.
5 Floor:
Cycle song. David Darling, Cycles.
Falling in the garden. Ray Lync . Deep Breakfast.

Rosen Method Movement Intensive Mexico City Day 1
Welcome and introductions
Movement class (T)
Anatomy of spine
Table partner palpitation and movement, breathing impact to spine
Floor movement focusing on spine

Theresa's Music:
1 Warm Up
Lola en Confiture by Les Soeurs Boulay; Le Poids des Confettis
Ev'ntide; Catherine Russell; Strictly Romancin'
2 Stretch
Benjamin; Yo-Yo Ma; Appalachian Journey
Ninna Nanna (2)
3 Circle
Malted Milk; Eric Clapton; Unplugged
Midnight Hour; James Taylor; Other Covers
4 Across
Heavy Cloud No Rain; Sting; Ten Summners' Tales
Mulata; Raul Paz; Putumayo Presents
5 On the Floor
High Plains Lullaby, Music Box, Raining in Her, Bamboo, Sweet Soul, Sky; Georg Winston; Montana - A Love Story

Discoveries about the Ankle Joint
During the last intensive in Mexico city, a question arose about movement of the ankle joint. As I was leading students in rolling the edges of each foot on the floor, noticing how much of the movement comes from the hip joint, a student asked about it, saying it seemed to her that the foot could roll in the ankle joint. I explained that the ankle joint is a saddle joint, as I had learned in anatomy class so long ago, and hypothesized that much of the movement that seemed to come from the ankle joint was coming from the 33-joints in the foot. The question stayed with me, tho, because I couldn’t quite visualize how all the pieces worked together. When I got home to SF, I googled ankle joint and brought my questions to my Alexander Technique sessions. Here are some things I learned and found particularly interesting.

Anatomy of the Ankle
The ankle is a complex mechanism. What we normally think of as the ankle is actually made up of two joints: the subtalar joint and the true ankle joint. The true ankle joint is composed of three bones, seen above from a front, or anterior, view: the tibia which forms the inside, or medial, portion of the ankle; the fibula which forms the lateral, or outside portion of the ankle; and the talus underneath. The true ankle joint is responsible for the up-and-down motion of the foot.

Beneath the true ankle joint is the second part of the ankle, the subtalar joint, which consists of the talus on top and calcaneus on the bottom. The subtalar joint allows side-to-side motion of the foot.

The ends of the bones in these joints are covered by articular cartilage (1). The major ligaments of the ankle are: the anterior tibiofibular ligament (2), which connects the tibia to the fibula; the lateral collateral ligaments (3), which attach the fibula to the calcaneus and gives the ankle lateral stability; and, on the medial side of the ankle, the deltoid ligaments (4), which connect the tibia to the talus and calcaneus and provide medial stability.

These components of your ankle, along with the muscles and tendons of your lower leg, work together to handle the stress your ankle endures as you walk, run, and jump.

The ankle joint allows up-and-down movement of the foot. The subtalar joint sits below the ankle joint, and allows side-to-side motion of the foot. Numerous ligaments (made of tough, moveable tissue) surround the true ankle and subtalar joints, binding the bones of the leg to each other and to those of the foot.

The foot is a perfect marriage of form and function. The foot contains 26 bones, 2 sesamoid bones, 33 joints, 19 muscles and 107 ligaments.

The tibia articulates with the dome of the talus and thereby transmits the forces of the leg to the ankle. This is commonly called the “Tibialtalar joint” or simply the “Ankle joint”. In turn, the talus articulates with the calcaneus, the main weight-bearing (and the largest) bone of the foot by way of the subtalar joint.

The subtalar joint, known as the “agility joint”, is a key joint in the ankle. It has three surfaces of articulation with three separate facet joints. A great deal of the movement in the ankle happens in this joint - the rest of the movement happens at the tibialtalar joint.

Rosen Method Movement Intensive in Mexico City, November 2016, Day 5
Movement class beginning in chairs
Playing with music and student practice time
Floor Section overview with observations and practice teaching
Closing circle: we shared 'tweets' (125 character limit) conveying what we each take with us from the intensive

Theresa's Music:
1. Warm Up
Catherine Russell, The Very Thought of You, Don't Take Your Love From Me, Blue Turning Grey Over You

2. Stretch
Tracy Chapman, I'm Ready
Satie, Gymnopedie #1

3. Circle
Pink Martini, Hang on Little Tomato
Keb Mo, Peace Train

4. Across the Floor
Jay Ungar & Molly Mason, Lovers Waltz Duet
Sarah McLachlan, Ice Cream
Pepe Palomar, Maria Elena
How Much is that Doggie in the Window
Christopher Hedge, Andrew Jackson the Atrocious Saint (for Eugene Borel)

Rosen Method Movement Intensive in Mexico City, November 2016, Day 4
Movement class led by Lourdes

Playing with music: four students brought music - we felt the impact and discussed whether it would work for Rosen Movement

Round Robin for warm-up section

Anatomy of the neck using the iPad app (here is a good picture of the suboccipital muscles: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suboccipital_muscles

Table work in partners focusing on the neck and head

Sharing circle: what is your experience?

Lourdes' class music:
1. Calentamiento:
- Lua, Lua, Lua (Caetano Veloso) Virginia Rodriguez. Sol Negro.
- Whole Worls. Bobby McFerrin y Esperanza Spalding. Spirtyouall
- Aquele Frevo. Gal Costa. Acoustic Brazil
- Virginia Moon. Foo Fighters. In your honor

2. Estiramiento:
- Prelude for Piano and Strings. Balanescu Quartet and Ensamble
- Grace. Earthsong. Secret Garden.,

3. Circulo:
- The Lion sleeps tonight. The Tokens. Pure 60s.
- Langa Mo. African Playground, Putumayo.
- Jambo Bwana. African Playground. Putumayo.

4. Diagonal:
- Guantanamera. Enrique Chia. Ritmos de mi Cuba
- El Manisero. Enrique Chia. Ritmos de mi Cuba.

5. Suelo:
- Cycle song. David Darling. Cycles.
- Hayastan Yerkir. Jordi Savall: Hesperion XXI Armenian Spirit
- Aria from Goldberg Variations. Gabriel Yared. The English Patient.